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Industrial Insulation


Heat is very important for industrial plants. The reason for this is that the occupants have a risk in terms of occupational health and safety and that the facilities are the largest expense item. Therefore, energy efficiency is a very important issue in the sectors in which we operate.

We need to increase the energy efficiency of new investments in the country's development or in existing industrial facilities. We need to minimize the amount of energy consumed by avoiding work and product / product quality. Energy efficiency can be achieved by preventing the loss of air, heat, steam, electricity losses, recycling and recycling of waste, reducing the need for consumption and reducing the quality of products. When the working principle of the industrial plants in our country is examined, it is seen that the highest energy efficiency can be achieved by preventing heat loss. In industrial facilities, heat is important not only in terms of energy efficiency but also in terms of removing occupants from the risk area in terms of occupational health and safety. When energy efficiency is achieved in the process, the büyük heat costs land, which is the biggest expense item, will decrease. Therefore, energy efficiency is a very important issue in the sectors in which we operate.

Energy is a strategic issue for our country. In terms of balancing our external dependency and increasing energy need; In energy intensive sectors, insulation is very important. Thermal power plants, geothermal power plants, petrochemical plants, refineries and paper mills are among the most energy-intensive plants.

Due to the importance of the energy used in our country and the sectors in which we operate, it is a separate responsibility for us to take part in industrial insulation projects as OMC Yapı. We are proud of completing many geothermal power plants, thermal power plants and food factory isolation works within the borders of our country with turnkey success.

Insulation is applied to all lines and equipment where hot and cold fluid passes through industrial plants. Energy intensive; petrochemical, cement, paper, food, textile, iron-steel, etc. Industrial facilities in the industries of isolation especially steam lines, hot oil lines, hot water lines, boiler, chimney, evaporator, heat exchanger, tank etc. pipelines and equipment. Same way; Not only hot lines, but also nitrogen, carbon dioxide and so on. cold insulation is applied for the pipes and equipment where fluids are located. In cold insulation applications, the purpose is to prevent condensation, ice and prevent the heating of the pipeline or the equipment inside the equipment.

Our industrial isolation works in our field of activity;

  • Pipe insulation,
  • Boiler insulation,
  • Tank insulation,
  • Turbine insulation,
  • Heat exchanger insulation,
  • Reactor insulation,
  • Valve insulation jackets,
  • Turbine pillow jackets,
  • Insulation and Fittings insulation jackets, (strainer, filter, reduction, tee ...)
  • Special equipment insulation jackets; Jacket cover, manhole, jacket type insulation to prevent oven heat losses.

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