Dil Seçimi

Completed Projects

Turnkey Construction of Hot and Cold Insulations of IGSAS Plant Machinery Equipments and Pipelines

  • Project Contractor : İGSAŞ - Asos Proses
  • Project Year : 2018 - 2019
  • Project City : Kütahya

OMC has successfully completed the turnkey construction of the hot and cold insulation of machinery and equipment and pipelines of the Potassium Nitrate and Ammonium Chloride plants in the IGSAS Nitrogen Plant in Kütahya OSB.

Within the scope of the project, KML, KOH, NH4Cl, etc. are used for isolation of tanks containing chemical solutions such as demiwater, condensate, evoparator, heat exchanger and so on. Insulations of tanks and equipment are insulated with rabitztelli rock wool industrial mattress and galvanized trapezoidal coating method. The insulation of all the pipes between the respective tanks and the external process was completed with aluminum sheet coating method on the stone wool for hot lines and elastomeric rubber foam insulation materials for the cold lines.

In this project where all kinds of hot and cold insulation applications are applied, OMC provided employer satisfaction with timely material supply and A quality isolation workmanship.

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