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As the OMC Family;

Our business; Your satisfaction..

Because; We know from different sectors, different customers and years of technical and managerial experience; “Satisfaction” that is, “Trust & Loyalty” is only created by creating value in the principles of “Cost, Quality, Yield, Conclusion" while providing services to our customers.

The first day we went out with our employers, our customers, our colleagues, our suppliers to declare all of our solution partners, we started our slogan “Our job; Your satisfaction.  

Our target; Reliable, robust and robust solutions that solve the needs of our customers quickly and smoothly, finish their work, relieve the burden, with the turnkey construction services and materials procurement in the mechanical, construction, electrical and engineering projects of national and international projects especially in the energy and petrochemical sector. to be an organization.          

Because; The energy and petrochemical sectors that our country is subject to geographical and strategic position among the continents are among the most important sectors in terms of investments of our country. With the goal of becoming a global energy corridor in our country, many international projects have been passed down in recent years. Baku-Tbilisi- Ceyhan oil pipeline project, Turkey-Greece, Blue Stream natural gas pipeline project TANAP billions of cubic meters of gas and oil via Turkey is providing transport to European countries. In the same way, it will reduce the energy costs of our country especially with the electricity generated by domestic coal and geothermal hot water and steam. The added value created by all business organizations operating within the borders of our country in these sectors contributes significantly to the growth of the country's economy and the strategic goal of our country as an energy corridor. To reduce our dependency on the outside and to strengthen our national economy, it is our most valuable goal to make the best of ourselves as an OMC Family in these two sectors.

From the day we established to today, our work towards this goal, our investments continue with the same determination. Within a short time, as the contractor or subcontractor, Turkey in many different areas, natural gas pipelines, thermal power plants and geothermal power plants and the supply of equipment in many industrial plants from different sectors, projects, finished with success the mechanical & civil works and isolation works is the consequences of our work in the direction of our goals.

Our Strategy; to be competitive, to manage risks better, to offer products and services within the promised quality, on time and within the prescribed budget; every area we commit is to deliver our projects in a timely and complete manner with quality materials and high quality workmanship in line with international standards.

Our motivation source; To be "part of the solution". To become a strong, robust and reliable organization, we are moving towards our goals with the excitement of achieving success with team spirit. It is our greatest motivation for our clients to solve the needs of our employers, to lighten their burdens, to finish their jobs and to play a role in the projects that are successful.

We are trying to fulfill our national responsibilities by creating added value in these projects, which are very important for our country with our business management ability focused on our values, in our projects in which we target our production or material supply turnkey projects.

We follow our work through effective planning, project management, continuous communication with our management team, engineer's team and field team to deliver the projects we undertake in the manner we commit and on the date we promise. We are delivering in our history and in the way we promised. We are constantly communicating with the field, the head office and our employers. By interfering with the inconveniences that may be experienced with our regular reports, we are now working day and night to stand in order to stop.

Customer is our parental authority. When we do our work, we focus on the expectations of our valued customers. To meet your expectations of our work, we regard absolute customer satisfaction. And when doing all of this, we do not disrupt business health and safety rules in accordance with the requirements of international quality standards. Customer loyalty is the most important value of the OMC Family.

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