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Our New Website is Now Live

Our New Website is Now Live


Our website is at your service with its renewed face and design. As OMC family, we offer our services to you, our esteemed visitors, where you can get information about our services, ongoing and finished projects and important developments in the sector.

In addition, we operate as OMC, natural gas pipeline, pipelines mechanical and construction works, industrial insulation, industrial insulation in energy efficiency, sandblasting, painting, fire extinguishing systems, maintenance and revision work technical and technical information in accordance with national and international standards, specifications , video, visual etc. about how these works are done. information and documents with the service of our esteemed visitors.

In addition to our turnkey industrial mechanical and construction contracting services, we will also provide all technical information about the product groups we supply. Turkey also committed industrial companies producing the highest quality and fastest solution is our goal that we undertook the construction of industrial insulation within the scope of our sales pipelines and related mechanical part of our business goals with our construction materials are also available.

Industrial insulation (hot and cold insulation), stone wool, glass wool, ceramic fiber, aerogel, valve jackets, equipment insulation jackets, elastomeric rubber foam, etc. all insulation materials, aluminum, galvanized, stainless coating materials, pipeline mechanical and construction work in the scope of pipe, valve, fittings, steel profile sales have started. In addition, we are able to supply all the materials required by a natural gas pipeline within the scope of natural gas pipeline construction works. (valves, fittings, hottap fittings, hydrostatic test heads and materials, line marker, arial marker, pig sleeves, filling and unloading pigs, manhole-manhole, insulation gasket, splice coil materials)

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